Monday, February 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye..Saying Hello

When we embarked on this journey we had to say goodbye to old friends. Friends we have known for 6 years or longer. It was hard, but new friends have taken their places.

For instance, we had to say goodbye to the Kenmore twins - Washer & Dryer. We were friends for 11 yrs. & really didn't know what we would do without them. However, new twins have taken their place: The Laundry-Mat Twins, Washer & Dryer 2. I never thought I could cozy up to these new twins because I have always been a snob about Laundry-Mat Twins. I have found that they are a lot nicer & cleaner than the others I encountered in the past outside of an RV Park. You know the PUBLIC Laundry-Mat Twins.

Another old friend we said goodbye to was - Mr. Direct TV. All our satellite TV channels & programs gone. We were hoping that we could strike up a cable TV relationship at the various RV Parks but found out that very few have cable TV. Why? Because most people travel with their satellite TV friends Direct & Dish TV.

How are we coping? There was a great new friend waiting for us we didn't expect & she travels with us no matter where we go. It's Ms. TV from the Antenna on our rig. Who knew?! Granted she has limited stations: CBS, NBC, ABS, Fox, but she has channels we have come to know & love. Most places call themselves MeTV & AntennaTV. What's so wonderful about these stations is all the oldie shows like: Bionic Women, 6 Million Dollar Man, Adam-12, Emergency, Dragnet, and on and on. We watch more of those show than anything else.

Yes, we miss HGTV, Discovery, History channels & especially Fox News, but Ms. TV from the Antenna on our rig has given us hours of enjoyment.

Next time I will introduce you to our last 2 new BFFs we have made on the road. These two are probably the most important friends we could have made.