Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

Wordle: Randon Thoughts

I went to and put in my blog address and it took random words from my blog and made a word cloud. Try it. So cool!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's May Already???!!!

I just realized I haven't blogged for a whole month! Where has the month gone? I taught 5 classes last month and all the prep that went with it. A lot of work, but I love it and it is fun! When it stops being fun I quit. I really don't see that happening soon.

The card on the left is the project we completed after we explored Doodlecharms. The seahorse was cut with the Cricut using Shrink Art. I cut the seahorse at 4", shrunk it in the oven at 275 degrees and then colored it with Alcohol Inks. Cool huh?

If you look at the sandcastle on the card, I actually used sand to fill in the cut.

I took a couple of pieces of Tacky Red Line Tape by Provo and covered the sandcastle opening from the back. I sprinkled sand over the tape and my sandcastle was actually made of sand. I removed the tape from the back and then glued the blue cut piece to another tan cut piece. I love how it turned out.