Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Favorite...

The technique I used to make this card was shaving cream & reinkers. This was another of Krista's classes. Now I have done this technique for years, mostly with kids. I have them make the covers of Fold Out Albums. I have always taken the shaving cream off with paper towels. Lots and lots and lots of paper towels. Well, in class I learned a new easy way to take off the shaving cream...with a metal pancake turner. Who knew? No more paper towels for me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lime Light Cards for Troops

Yesterday I uploaded 5 out of 20 cards that I have made for the Cards for Troops as a member of the Lime Light. (Green button on right)

The card above is my latest favorite technique I learned at Krista Thomas Technique class. In fact I have an entire book full of great techniques she has taught - 22 in all.

Here's how we did it: RUBBER CEMENT RESIST -Drizzle rubber cement over glossy cardstock in a crazy pattern or a decidedly thunk out pattern. (Like that? Thunk?) Anyway let the rubber cement dry then ink the brayer and quickly brayer over the cardstock. Let the ink on the cardstock dry. It won't really dry on the rubber cement, so blot & wipe the wet ink off the rubber cement before you rub it off the cardstock. The effect is so cool.

Check out Krista's blog (button on the right). Her classes are great & I learn so much every time I go. Sometimes the techniques she uses I have used in the past, but even those I get new tips to make the techniques even better.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I have been doing this week...

It doesn't look like much, BUT I blanched & skinned 12 pounds of Roma tomatoes to make 6 pint jars of Marinara sauce. So worth it.

The other jars are pickles, pickled jalapeno pepper, & the fresh tuna we brought back from the coast. That had to be done in the pressure cooker.

Add this to the 15 jars of pickles & the season has just begun. Next I am freezing our corn OFF the cob.

I also finished & uploaded the Scrapbook Fun Fest website this week. It's getting easier, & I redid the class page to show all classes on one page. The photos of all the projects are on the next page. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Check it out. Just click on Scrapbook Fun Fest button on the right.

Off to the claim for today & tonight. Keep your fingers crossed we find a lot of gold!

Slowly getting back into creating projects other than cards. I decided to do the House of Mouse class at Scrapbook Fun Fest in Oct. I have two more sample to make.

PS - Went to see "Time Travelers Wife" yesterday. It was good, and a lot of naked bottom shots, but I am still contemplating if it is a must see. However the butt shots are really nice!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back Up & Running

Fair is over & we are getting our lives back. I want to share a photo of my favorite thing I created for the fair.

This is the giant Birthday Cake I made for the centerpiece of the building. A lot of great minds came together to come up with all the parts, like making it 3 tiers, how to decorate, Dougie, our mascot coming out of the top of the cake, etc. I had so much fun taking all the ideas and actually executing it.

Now I need to get back to doing things for me. I am madly making cards for our adopted troop for Limelighters. This month we are all making cards so our soldiers can in turn send them home to their loved ones with a message inside. I love doing anything for our guys & gals in the military.