Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Butterflies R Free

Butterflies have wings & I love butterflies.  This month I actually made a few cards to give to people I know.  The card on the right was a wedding card to a wonderful couple of "kids".  Inside were two pockets which held their wedding gift of 2 checks - 1 for the groom & 1 for the bride.  Next month I will show you the pocket card with the pockets on the outside.  I reversed the instructions for the wedding card so the pockets were inside.

Of course, I forgot to take a photo of the inside of the card. Oops!

I stamped the butterfly (H3872) on the left on pattern paper & the butterfly on the right was stamped on watercolor paper.

You can see the right butterfly was stamped in multiple color ink.  I made my own "stamp pad" using the baby wipe technique.  In case you have never heard of this technique it is really simple. 
Put a couple of baby wipes in a plastic tray.  I used an embossing tray.  Choose your ink colors (use reinkers) & randomly drip drops over the baby wipe.  Make sure there is enough drops on the baby wipe to ink whatever stamp you are using but not too much so the colors get muddy.

I inked the stamp, held it away from my body & gave it a quick spritz with water.  Then, I stamped on the watercolor paper.  You probably can use regular cardstock, but I like the effect it gets on watercolor paper.

The sentiments used were from Sentiments1 (UMS7018) & Sentiments 2 (UMS7019).