Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I have been doing this week...

It doesn't look like much, BUT I blanched & skinned 12 pounds of Roma tomatoes to make 6 pint jars of Marinara sauce. So worth it.

The other jars are pickles, pickled jalapeno pepper, & the fresh tuna we brought back from the coast. That had to be done in the pressure cooker.

Add this to the 15 jars of pickles & the season has just begun. Next I am freezing our corn OFF the cob.

I also finished & uploaded the Scrapbook Fun Fest website this week. It's getting easier, & I redid the class page to show all classes on one page. The photos of all the projects are on the next page. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Check it out. Just click on Scrapbook Fun Fest button on the right.

Off to the claim for today & tonight. Keep your fingers crossed we find a lot of gold!

Slowly getting back into creating projects other than cards. I decided to do the House of Mouse class at Scrapbook Fun Fest in Oct. I have two more sample to make.

PS - Went to see "Time Travelers Wife" yesterday. It was good, and a lot of naked bottom shots, but I am still contemplating if it is a must see. However the butt shots are really nice!

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