Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lime Light Cards for Troops

Yesterday I uploaded 5 out of 20 cards that I have made for the Cards for Troops as a member of the Lime Light. (Green button on right)

The card above is my latest favorite technique I learned at Krista Thomas Technique class. In fact I have an entire book full of great techniques she has taught - 22 in all.

Here's how we did it: RUBBER CEMENT RESIST -Drizzle rubber cement over glossy cardstock in a crazy pattern or a decidedly thunk out pattern. (Like that? Thunk?) Anyway let the rubber cement dry then ink the brayer and quickly brayer over the cardstock. Let the ink on the cardstock dry. It won't really dry on the rubber cement, so blot & wipe the wet ink off the rubber cement before you rub it off the cardstock. The effect is so cool.

Check out Krista's blog (button on the right). Her classes are great & I learn so much every time I go. Sometimes the techniques she uses I have used in the past, but even those I get new tips to make the techniques even better.

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