Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today is My Birthday!!!

Oh, yeah! My day will definately turn into a week since we are going to celebrate together next Sunday at Seven Feathers Casino Resort with brunch. We will also do a little Ka-Ching too.

It was a wonderful birthday with brunch at a friend's house - totally spur of the moment and just wonderful food and company.

Tomorrow, since we are so full from brunch - I will have a birthday dinner of my choice - PIZZA! Nummmm.

My sister called and we talked for about a half hour and that was special too. So, Happy Birthday to me!

Technically my birthday is all of 6 minutes since I was born at 11:54 pm, that's why I stretch it into a week. LOL

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  1. happy belated b-day. mine is the 24 ;p pretty close.