Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Present

I have been taking some incredible classes at Krista Thomas' house. (I have a link to her blog to the right.)

I don't send cards but I love to make them. My Mom sends cards all the time, so I decided all the cards I make will go to her. I made the cards either Thank You or Birthday Greetings.

Lauren Meador (another link to her blog is on the right) designs some really cool templates to hold gifts, cards, or whatever. I purchased her "All Boxed Up" template.



I was able to include 8 cards in each box. I probably could have included more cards, but these cards have some popped up embellishments.
I love how the turned out. All the paper and embellishments for the boxes were from Hot Off the Press.

Just about finished with the preschool scrapbooks. They turned out so cute. All I have to do is some of the kid's journaling they dictated to their teachers.
My next project is a Thank You scrapbook to Kelly & Sharon Stone for the beautiful prom dresses they provided Roseburg High School. It was an amazing experience!

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  1. Oh you are SO TALENTED!! Thank you for sharing your crafting creations.

    --Gracie From Imagine That, formerly Everything Cricut.