Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dredge Season

Here is the long ago promised photo of our gold dredge in the river. It is like a giant vacuum that sucks up the (hopefully) gold from the river and forces it on a sluice box. Since gold is heavy it stays on the carpet in the sluice box and is then panned out.
We have only been able to go once so far this season because of me being sick for the past two weeks & then our partner's wife got sick and company visiting, etc. Fair is next week and both Rod & I will be working during the fair. Today was my last day to get up at 6:15am!!!! Friday & Saturday we take in entries for the Exhibit building. I am in charge of crafts & Rod is taking in Food Preservation entries. Sunday everything is judged. Monday it's over to the Floral building where I am also in charge & we take in entries for cut flowers, potted plants & arrangements. Afterwards we have 4 judges coming in.
What is so funny is I know nothing about flowers or plants. I told them at the fairgrounds when they hired me. I can do a lot with flowers AFTER they have blossomed, but if I touch a plant or flower it will probably die. Good thing Rod has such a green thumb. He plants a stick and it grows into a tree. Really!

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