Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MIA, I know!

Yes, I have been MIA - Missing in Action. Who knew that working 4 - 5 hours a day at the county fairgrounds would be, well, so much work? It's fun work, but work. I have also been Cricut-ing lots & lots of stuff to decorate the Exhibit building & I still have to cut things for the floral building.

I have also been working like mad to finish 500 Twinchies for a Swap due Aug. 1. What was I thinking?

Anyway enough, boo hoo, I thrive on this much chaos! Rod has started designing his scrapbook pages he will enter in the County Fair this year. I am not looking because I want to be surprised. He is also going to enter his plants, produce & our canned tomatoes, tuna, pickles, apple pie filling, apple butter & pickled jalapenos. Did I mention he loves to can with me & this year he planted an even bigger garden. Usually we give a lot to the assisted living residence where his Mom lives, but they just informed him that they can't take anything that isn't USDA approved. So, he is looking in to donating stuff from the garden to UCAN which is our local food distribution outlet for people who are in need.

What's really sad is he can't bring to the residents at the assisted living facility tomatoes from the garden either. At least once or twice a week he would make up several small bags of tomatoes for his "girlfriends" & his Mom. They are going to be so disappointed.

Off to twinchie!

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