Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Projects

We have been so busy lately that we decided to take a quick trip to the coast. Rod is now trying to catch crab for dinner.

Here is my next class at Roseburg Book & Stationery, Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 10 am. Let me first tell you the story behind this mini album.

I LOVE MINI-ALBUMS! Can I say it any louder. Since I bought my first Bind-It All I have not bought one scrapbook album. I make & bind my own. Why? I am so glad you asked. The reason is because you can make them any size and as thick as you want. Also, if you know me I LOVE to use unconventional things to make mini-albums or even on scrapbook pages. Napkins are by far my favorite things to use for the covers of my mini-albums. So when Roseburg Book and Stationery brought in a new line of napkins the first thing I saw was a new mini-album.

The napkin is shaped exactly as it looks. Kind of like a little shirt. It is a very heavy two-ply napkin that can stand-up in place. Does it not scream mini-album? I think the hardest part of working with napkins is taking the plys apart, but you can only work with one-ply or it will fall apart when you decoupage.
I have also been making cards like crazy. Cards for Soldiers which will all go to our National Guard Unit from Roseburg stationed in Iraq is taking on a life of its own. So many people, from the Lime Light group I design for and local cardmakers, I will be really surprised if I send out less than 70 pounds of cards .
Scrapbook Fun Fest is in 10 days & is shaping up to be one of our best. That is until May 31. We are partnering with Seven Feathers Casino in Douglas County & their convention center is where our biggest Scrapbook Fun Fest will be held. We are still putting it on, it's just changing venues. We loved the fairgrounds, but in May we can't take a chance with weather. One year it was so cold we had to turn on the heat and last May it was so hot we couldn't bring enough fans in to cool everyone off. There was no air conditioning. It is so sad to leave DCFG because they have been so good to us.
I will be posting more soon about all the details for the May 31, 2010 Scrapbook Fun Fest!

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