Monday, February 15, 2010

I Bad

I can't believe it has been so long since my last blog. I think we have been sympathizing with everyone who has been snowbound and snowbound ourselves without the snow. LOL

I did make a few things for Valentine's Day for Rod's Mom and her friends she eats with...filled with CANDY!

Since only his Mom and another lady showed up for lunch they got two boxes full of candy each. They definitely did not complain.

I also have been teaching Cricut Basic 101 classes and taking more of Krista's great classes.

We are getting things ready to move our handmade products into a new "craft boutique" which is opening in town. There will be a little bit of everything. Better than a craft mall, just short of a gallery. We start moving things in this weekend. It will be nice to have our creations out there year-round for purchasing instead of bringing it only out for shows.

I think I am going to add gift boxes and bags to my line for the new store. I had so much fun making the candy boxes for Valentine's Day. Quick & simple!

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