Friday, February 19, 2010

Planning Ahead

A lot has happened in one week. We were going to sell our Cricut-made products in a new store opening up in town, but the deal breaker for us was the class opportunities. We were going to be charged $25 to teach one class and in this economy and knowing how much people are willing to pay for classes it just wasn't realistic. I'm sure it will be a great store, but teaching classes while selling our products was the draw. Oh well, I still have a place I really love to teach at so I really am OK. Here are some samples of what my next Cricut classes in March will feature:

The Disney Tink and wand were part of a swap I was in and I did the little girl & owl. I wanted to show examples of layering with the cartridges. Classes are Tuesday, Mar. 16 & Sat., Mar. 20 both at 10 am for $6. You can sign-up at Roseburg Book and Stationery.

Speaking of classes I finished the class sample for Scrapbook Fun Fest. I am calling it "Suitable for Framing" .

Rod is making frames for everyone who takes the class. It is included in the price of the class. The finished project measures 8" x 8". Cost is $15. All our classes for Scrapbook Fun Fest will be on the website for tickets sales the first week in March.

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