Saturday, April 17, 2010

Creating Again...

My mojo is back and I am up and creating again. It has been a busy month. We spent two weeks purging and getting ready for the All County Yard Sale at the fairgrounds. We did amazing! We found and bought a travel trailer so we are gradually putting in shape and we are selling the tent trailer and that has to be emptied and cleaned. Whew! ... AND I have finished creating May's Cricut Class.

What are you doing in May's Cricut class? I am glad you asked...I am calling it "How to Design Your Own." I love using the Design Studio to make my own templates for projects I teach. Not everyone has the Design Studio, but you can make your own by cutting out different shapes and then taping them together to make a template to use. Using cheap cardstock, the class will make a couple of templates to make unusual cards.

The card at the top of the post is made from scraps of paper left over from the projects we will be doing.

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