Sunday, January 16, 2011

Class peek and Our New Blog

Here are a few peeks at the Birthday Reminder Mini Album we are doing in class this week. After I finish up on Tuesday I am going to put the kits up for sale on Etsy. The gals who were at class on Saturday really liked the project.

On to other Dewey news:

Since we hope our house sells this year and we can start on our adventure of RVing across the US. I started another blog our friends and select family can follow read and follow us. It is

For now I am updating once a week, but as we really get started on our travels I will update more. However, I won't really tell anyone where we are until we are on the road and then I will tell where we have been.

Still waiting for another, now, 10 followers so I can give away some Blog Candy. Won't you be my follower?

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