Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

I am really having a hard time trying to give-away Blog Candy. Who Knew?! I lost another follower so now I need (Edited) 9 new followers before I give-away a lot of goodness.

As you all know we are totally down-sizing everything so we can sell the house and buy an RV and hit the road for a couple of years. So I have lots of stuff I would rather give to my loyal followers rather than anyone else.

Yesterday I went through all my school boxes. Whew, talk about memories. I was ruthless and I am sending a lot of my books to my sister who is currently teaching pre-school and my nieces who both have degrees and teaching credentials in Special Ed. They took after their aunt. I am so proud of them!

I have been working of a couple of big projects. As soon as they are finished I will be sharing and putting kits up for sale on Etsy. Also my DH has been building some great stuff for crafting enthusiasts. They will be on sale on Etsy also by the end of the week. Can't wait to share.

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  1. How fun! Traveling around! I hope one day when we get older we can do that! It sounds so fun! I am working on my Special Ed Teaching degree now! :-)