Monday, June 20, 2011


It has finally come!!! What? I am so glad you asked...SUMMER or at least a few days of hotter weather. Now, I normally do not like hot weather, but I am so willing to make an exception this year since we have had an overabundant amount of wet and cold weather. I know, it is OREGON, and I do love this place, BUT can anyone say TOO MUCH?!

Another finally...our laptop finally bit the dust. Bye bye old friend. We went and purchased a new laptop yesterday and promptly found quite a few of our programs are not compatible to the Windows 7. I ordered a new Design Studio from Amazon for $19 which actually isn't bad. I can not be without a Design Studio.

Every month I will purchase another program to add to the lost programs. I did do something smart however. The old laptop was making weird sounds last week so I though I better back up once more the recent photos and files. Whew!!! Dodged a bullet on that. BTW found and bought a great new Flash Drive for saving photos. It is called Picture Keeper. I bought the Flash Drive that holds 4,000 photos. It also has saved my digital papers and embellishments I have bought.

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