Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog...

I love to read others blogs and get bummed if they skip a day or two or three. Now I don't know if people are really reading my blog...I think there are a few...and maybe more would if I blogged more.

So my Summer resolution is to blog more and that will make me create more. I still am waiting for 150 followers. When I hit that mark I have some blog candy to give away. Want some?


  1. Yes...everyone loves blog candy!! Please come to visit my blog. I try to post as I finish new projects!

  2. That is my blogging hope as well. Good luck with your challenge!

  3. Sometimes life gets us and we have no control..It is a fun thing I love doing, I love meeting people and there is so much creativity and Inspiration out there! And wonderful times I have had talking to all the bloggers with my same interest! And we all know that Blog candy is the most fun to try and win! Have you tried to join in on link up party's...That helps to get peep's to your blog and,yes posting something daily helps to keep Interest!! I hope that very soon you will reach 150. Have you posted about your blog candy giveaway and put pictures up?