Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016

New Year...New Projects...

My DH has been so busy in his workshop & I have been trying out some of the pins I have been finding.

I tried the transferring of color photos/clip art, etc. on to wood.  Love the results.  I found Oregon related vintage signs.  Luckily when we purged before we sold our Roseburg house & took off on the road for 3 years, I saved more than I thought craft room wise.  One of the products was Grafix Rub-Onz. 

The technique Pinterest talks about mounts wax paper or parchment paper on an 8 1/2" x 11" regular copy paper to feed through your printer.  You need a slick surface to go through the printer so the ink is not absorbed in to paper.  The ink just sits on top & can be rubbed on the wood as you can see above.  Brilliant!  Well, the Grafix sheets are all set to go with a slick surface on a fairly stable paper.  I had to do nothing except find a design, size it &, the most IMPORTANT thing...reverse the design with words.  Yep, found out the hard way, but the beauty of it, the sheet can be used over & over by simply wiping away the leftover ink on the sheet with a damp paper towel & wood can be sanded to fix my mistake(s).  I did all the sizing & reversing using Photoshop.

DH made a lot of what he calls "mini signs" so I can't wait to do more!

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