Monday, June 1, 2009

Scrapbook Fun Fest

Today is Monday and Scrapbook Fun Fest is over & out for May. It was amazing. We had over 215 people cropping all day or just in to Walk & Shop.

The only down side to the day was it was probably the hottest day of the year - 92 degrees - & the building we were in has no air conditioning, not even during the County Fair. Yeah, lots of complaints, some ticked off peeps, but I think on the whole 95% of everyone had a good time and appreciated all our effort.

I even had time to take a class with Krista Thomas. She did a class on Exploding Box album. I love how it turned out & I was lucky to reserve the paper I wanted ahead of time. She ran out of the Baja Breeze early on in the day.

We raised 278 pounds of food for UCAN Food Pantry here in Roseburg & they said it was a really good amount for a fundraiser. Whoo Hoo!

We presold 36 tickets for our next event, Oct. 17. That's 4 times more presales than the last time we did it. 5 of our vendors have committed to the October event also.

As soon as I download photos we took, I will post them here.

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  1. Great idea for the mothers day gift! I love it...your scrapfest sounds like it went well too! I can't recall exactly how I came across your site, but my parents grew up in Roseburg, so I just had to comment. :)Hope you have a great Tuesday!