Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moving Sale

OK, who's idea was it to have a Moving Sale this weekend? Oh yeah, Me. Friday it was steady, Saturday, not so much, but we did sell enough to pay for the new floors in the living and dining rooms and hallway so I guess it was OK. LOL

That's Kilo in the middle of the photo. He wanted everyone who came to the sale to play ball with him. Most did. He had a great time too.

Funny thing, everything I didn't want to sell sold. See that canopy in the background - SOLD! DH also sold lawn furniture we could use when we have people over to BBQ. I have begged him not to sell too much or we won't have anything to sit on until the house sells. We have two more weeks to spruce it up and then it is on the market. Whoo Hoo. Keep you fingers crossed. Want to buy a house?

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