Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting Back to Normal...

  • ...or whatever that is! It has been a looooooooong 10 days, but I survived another Douglas County Fair. This year I was again in charge of the Crafts in the Exhibit Building and Floral Building. We were down about 50 entries in Crafts but up about 100 entries in the Floral.
  • I decided this is my last year. I love the fair but working it stopped being fun. I love my boss and she is incredible, but I am brunt out and ready to just enjoy Summer without this interruption. I can now enter stuff in crafts so I will start making things for next year.
  • My DH entered in Land Products form the garden. He just went out the day of entry and picked and picked and won 8 first place, 4 second place and 3 third place ribbons. He also won 1 first, 2 seconds and 1 third in the scrapbook division. He beat out some mighty fine, talented ladies in this area. He also entered our pickles, Apple Butter, Apple Pie filling, Tuna, etc and won quite a few 1st, 2nd & 3rd place ribbons too. He got a special award for his bread & butter pickles. BTW, he earned $77 from his winning all those ribbons. We are celebrating by going to Seven feathers Seafood Buffet this week!!!
  • Now I am getting ready to teach my Cricut classes (3) and Technique classes (2) this month.

Here's a peak at the Cricut class.

I am showing everyone how to emboss with the Cricut and use the Cricut pens. Above is a photo of my sample board.

Capadia's blog had a really cute Christmas card using an embossing folder that is sold out everywhere I checked. I did find a similar tree on my Christmas cartridge. We will complete that card in class. As soon as I make the sample this week I will post it. It is so cute.

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