Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Back

It's been a long time since my last entry, but I do have a good excuse.

  1. 21 - High School memory Albums - DONE!!!!
  2. 15 preschool scrapbooks due before May 16.
  3. Scrapbook Fun Fest - 2 classes to be kitted - DONE!!!!
  4. Classes - I have taken & taught

OK does that earn me some forgiveness? Anyway I love the way the Memory books turned out. I will post photos tomorrow. I still have to photoshop them because I am also going to offer them on Etsy.

The first Cricut Swarm was a huge success. I hosted 5 women in my living room & it was just enough space. Our next Swarm is Friday, May 15 at Velda's house. She has a huge studio for all of us to work in. I registered the May Swarm with Provo & anyone who comes for the Swarm will be eligible for any prizes we are awarded from Provo.

The swap theme for May is a tag or something similar for Mother's Day. You can do something for a friend if you would rather.

The project I will be teaching in May at the Swarm deals with vinyl and glass etching. If you plan on attending you need to bring a clear glass object (plate, cup, glass, vase, etc.) to etch. I will provide all the supplies except the glass object.

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