Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week 4 - 52 Q "What do I see when I look into my eyes?"

  • This was a pretty philosophical question. I am always surrounded by the things I love most. My husband, two dogs Annie & Kilo and now the newest addition to our house, our new cat, Poodums.

    Some people think it is weird that I really, really, like hanging with my hubs. We are best friends and there is nothing in this world I can't tell him. I know he will never judge me and loves me for me, which by the way is not an easy thing to do.

    This tag was done using The Print Shop Deluxe 21. Costco has it pretty cheap. With Print Shop, after I edited my photo and put my text over it, I grouped the photos & journaling(Top bar - Arrange - Group) . I went to FILE - Export as..., hit Continue, Save. This saves it as a jpeg. It enables anyone to upload the file as a photo to any program they may be using. Not a lot of people have the Print Shop, so by saving it as a jpeg. I can email photos with journaling, for instance, and they have no problem opening it on their computer.

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